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Recovery for Anorexia is Elusive

by Dr. Deah on Apr.26, 2011, under Events

Abby Ellin’s article on the elusive nature of recovering from anorexia is accurate but one of the true culprits is also elusive; the power of the external influences that fan the flames of the anorexic’s behavior. Once a certain amount of recovery has been attained, maintaining the recovery in the face of the constant pressure to be thin, is a certain recipe for relapse and a key ingredient in recidivism.


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  1. Kat

    I FULLY agree that the media plays a large role in the relapse (which I believe is part of the road to full recovery) of anorectics and also in the duration one suffers, however, i don’t think saying that it is elusive provides an accurate picture – especially not the picture those that were interviewed hold. I think her (or her editor’s) misuse of quotes to form a story that was a complete misrepresentation of what over half of those interviewed passed along was irresponsible. I also believe, fully, that recover IS possible and with the right treatment, attitude, etc probable.

    So many people HAVE fully recovered.

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